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It’s like they take a bite out, but they eat the whole skin.”

“Yes,” I said, and turned to him, looking from the top of his thick, black hair to the tip of his nose. “This is the first time you’ve mentioned an attack on another member of this group.”

He looked at my face. “Yes, it is. But I think it’s fair to say you’ve had a fair amount of work to do, too.” He paused. “The question about my sister is pretty much out of my mind. You know that, of all the groups that we’ve done missions for, you’ve probably done the best job of keeping me out of trouble when I was in there. I don’t know how I got out when I did. It’s always been a mystery to me.”

“I’ve learned to manage that. That’s pretty neat.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you have.”

“I mean, if I hadn’t gotten into the Army or something-”

I took that as an interruption or something. “And how’d you get out?”

“Oh, it was the same way as everyone else, we came in, we served, we were released, and we ran.”

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When I read a column in The New York Times about the importance of the election to our democracy by a retired general, I was a bit stunned. Why did the man I once knew so clearly and so fervently hate Trump think it should be so important? Did he not think we elected him just so the people of a nation without a government at all could have a say in who our next president might be?

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“That would be a pretty stupid thing,” I thought, and began clicking my heels together in mock confusion because, yes, Trump is, indeed, stupid. It is true, he knows little about foreign policy, the Middle East, or American-Israeli politics. But he is also the perfect president for his age or his nation. He promises to make us great again. And he has done a good job so far: As a businessman and real estate developer, Trump has created thousands of jobs, he can take care of our veterans, and he understands that the nation’s greatest asset is the great people of this country. He may not always say the right things, but in reality, he is not a radical.

In his article, the retired general describes how he believes Trump

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