How often should you have music lessons? – Violin Techniques For Beginners

A couple of times a week is what works for me. I’ve tried different forms, including a few with video, and have tried doing music and singing to pass the time, but they seemed to annoy me. It just didn’t seem like the work I was doing with my voice was serving anything. It feels more like listening to someone else’s voice, and while there is a time and place for that, I’ve had much more trouble with it during the first 6 months of learning to play piano.

What advice could you give someone who’s just got started and is struggling to get their voice going? For example, do you have any tips to help them push through their initial barrier to learning?

That’s a hard one, as I’m not sure I could ever give anyone some sort of concrete tips about overcoming this barrier. I don’t really believe in giving advice, that’s just not me. I believe in having more fun, and that’s the most important thing, and I think it’s more about making your passion known to others. And if you can’t think of anything to say or do, you can ask questions.

If you had to start fresh and find something completely different to do with your life, what would it be?

In the future, I think I’d do something I enjoyed, which would be teaching, but I don’t know what yet. I think being a teacher is something I’d do at some point, it’d just depend on what type of teaching I was going to do.
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So what are some of the things you’ve learnt as a result of your music-making skills that you can use to help other people?

That if you don’t think of a challenge or a goal, then maybe that’s the first obstacle, whether it’s something easy or difficult. I never found that I had to do anything in order to feel fulfilled, I felt that I had just done it with a lot of joy. It never really made me doubt other things in life. When I was doing music, I didn’t see that I was going on some sort of adventure. Now I have a lot of reasons to get motivated, and I’ve learned some things about myself that I couldn’t even imagine would be of value to others.

If you weren’t studying piano as part of your education, what would you do?

Music is one of the things that have kept me going as long as I have. It is very important to

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