Is Cello harder than piano? – Violin For Android

It is. It’s harder! It’ll actually help you work on your technique, improve your timing, and develop an understanding of the music.

How much is Cello worth? $5

Cello is worth $5.

Is “Cello Music” the same as “Composition” for Violin, Flute, Viola, Bassoon and Cello?

It’s not identical! Cello music is based on the technique of the instrument and on the music style you’re singing and playing. While composition, on the other hand, is an idea or a piece of music.

What is a “Composition” track? What does a “Cello “track” mean?

For a Compositing song, you make two identical copies of the vocal and piano tracks in the arrangement. You can have 2-4 tracks in a composition track, instead of 6-9. You can have 5-6 tracks in a composition track, instead of the usual 8. This makes the song easy to mix. You can also have the tracks in one or two versions as well. You do not have to have 2 “Cello Tracks” if you want, although you can. They’re all identical.

Why do I have to add a Cello Instrument or a Cello Piano to a song?
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again - How To Play Violin - Sheet ...

For Violin, Flute & Cello Music, you need these to work with the instrumentation, so you have to use the Piano, Cello or Organ to sing a part. This is the same principle as playing a musical instrument on top of your vocal. For piano song writing, you can just put it on top, however you feel comfortable with it.

Why can’t I write my own song in Cello to use for a composing project with others?

Because most music composition is based on ideas and not on words. Words often help create a strong connection to the melody and harmony. You can’t take your ideas and put them in a song, because you would never listen to it. Songs need to work on their own, without other people adding to it. Most of all a song needs to be sung and performed with a good vocal. Cello instruments don’t provide those qualities.

I think the song needs to be sung by another musician. I’m worried that a song like ‘My Love’ would be a little bit boring.

You are right! There is a great deal of creativity available with music

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