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The common idea behind “better violin” is that the “fittable piano or guitar will feel much better in your hands if it has a good violin in it for you to play”. On the other hand, the theory behind that idea says that guitar strings could be harder than, say, a violin string and feel even weaker, even though they have to be bent and stretched to do any good (this idea has never been proved but it has always been a bit of a myth). Even before I learned to play, I used to think that the violin was a “little bit harder” and I was wrong. It’s not. In the end, even the best violin is not very difficult to play, even for a beginner, but it might be even slower than the guitar. At least, not really. If you find the guitar easier to play, but the violin feels more like playing real music, it may be because you’re working on those strengths, or playing against them for a longer period of time, or because of your own personal preference for the violin or guitar, or other stuff. So the first step is to try the violin first, to see how it feels. (If you’re playing with a solo viola, you might do a test first and see if that’s easier, or if it sounds more like music.) For the more experienced players, there are some options available. It is not at all hard to go through a “classical” repertoire of a good orchestra, as long as it’s a bit light in the middle, and you are using the right instrument. However, there are a lot of other things you can do to make them feel better. First, you could look for a viola/violin combo that has great soloists, and try to make it as “fidelity-friendly” as possible. Most “classical” viola/violin combinations have a good-sounding piano section that plays well in the middle, and have the ability to sing in the lower registers.

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Second, you may try playing a solo viola, or a solo violin with some other instrument, something like a cello or an oboe. But I don’t suggest that at this early stage. I think there’s something wrong with the way that guitar and violin are designed to be played, and I don’t think you’re going to do anything special on the viola or violin if you aren’t going to use the instrument. Also, your solo instrument needs to be something that you

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