Is violin harder than trumpet? – Learning Violin Notes

Yes. Violist’s instrument is not the same as the horn of the harp, or the trombone, even! Because of the difference in the weight, and shape, and geometry of the body of the violin. These weights change significantly with age and use, just like the weight of the horn.

If a new violinist comes to you who is not familiar with a new violin, what do you do?

Well, we don’t take the young player and say, “Go play a big stringed instrument for a while and study a few days.” We put them into smaller instruments to see if maybe these small instruments are just right for them, and to make a new beginner more comfortable with all the sounds in the violin. And, you know, we try to not give new players more information than they need to know, just because there are some common questions to ask yourself, if you want to improve as a violinist. “What would I play on my home recording?” “Is it like a cello, or a trombone, or a violin?” “What strings will that violin have?” “If I learned to play that violin, what scales would I be able to play, and what scale will my fingering be?” And if a young player asks those questions, and they’re already at a high level, and you answer something along the lines of, “Go play a nice violin, like one you’re used to, with good quality strings, with good quality tuners, and you can learn a lot from it,” don’t be surprised when they’re like “Yeah. I’d like that!” That is not what we’re trying to do.

So if you’ve got a violin you’re happy with, and you’ve played it for awhile, and you’re thinking, “Oh, yeah, that’s what I need to do,” and it’s just like playing a piano, but you don’t have the same feeling, you know? So there are just some things you could do that will actually give you a more comfortable experience, but if you go too far in that direction, and you ask a student for something which is absolutely impossible for them to do, you’ll end up spending a lot of cash and you’ll have a very bad experience. “You’ve got to know all these scales, have all these musical tastes. You’re asking the wrong questions, when it’s just like learning to play something and you have no idea what you’re doing.

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