What age should piano lessons start? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Reteach Compute

– 18 –

In my experience, most people that start out from kindergarten are comfortable with the art of piano and their ability to play at an advanced level on a piano keyboard. The ideal age for piano lessons is 11 years old, but most piano teachers do start at age 12.

– Can I play music on the keyboard while playing piano?


How do I pick a piano teacher?

– There are over 2,000 piano teachers in the USA and over 1,500 on the world-wide market. Ask a school staff member and/or a professional piano teacher if you are on the hunt for a piano teacher.

– Do parents or babysitters need to sign a waiver or are they still allowed to come to lesson-days?

– Yes, parents and young children of all ages (under 13 years of age) need a license to participate in piano lessons. The best way to determine if it is possible for your school, nursery, or other group of children with young children to receive a music license is to call the Federal Music Licensing Agency at 1-800-320-3572 and inquire. Most schools that offer piano classes for ages 6-12 receive the required licenses within 24 hours of your request.

– What is the cost to play piano?

– There is a $50 fee for any piano teacher. This fee covers the fee of the teacher, equipment, materials used and additional cost to purchase a piano or other accessories that may be used during the piano lesson. The cost of the equipment and materials may need to be covered with your own money, and any lessons that begin later than the scheduled lesson time are charged at the rate per minute of the lesson.

– Where can I get more information about the piano program?

– Please visit the American Piano Teacher Association and its web site

– Will they teach my child more?

– Yes! Most piano teachers love to play music and are willing to take the time to teach their students. Piano programs provide the possibility of playing music with your teacher throughout the day.

– Does my piano education in the United States qualify me for a foreign study visa?

– Most piano teachers and their students in the US must be currently studying in the US in order to apply for a study visa. If your piano teacher is studying on a student visa in the US, you

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