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The best violin sounds come from a bow drawn correctly, with all the strings aligned in the correct positions, all the tines balanced, the frets just touching the string bed and the strings moving freely. Many people think that good violin practice is about practicing with and playing different sorts of strings, but that’s not how good violin practice is. You will never get a good idea how good you are at playing with good strings until you make it a priority to practice with all sorts of string combinations that you can play.

The good news is that playing with only ten different string combinations is not enough, you have to try ten different strings. I think that string combinations that are well known will always be a good idea, since you should be able to play with all sorts of strings. And don’t hesitate to experiment! Try a new string and see how it sounds.

A well-made instrument has a sound from the violin bow and the strings that are on that bow and on the fingerboard. It’s important to play with and use different string combinations if you want the best violin sound. Here is a quick checklist of string combinations you can try.

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This article originally appeared in Guitar Center’s Winter 2005 Music & Strings newsletter (ISBN 0-99497901-7.) This has not been edited or re-written.

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