Which violin is best for beginners?

A violin with good fingerings for beginner violinists.

How to choose the right beginner violin? Choosing the right beginner violin can be tricky, so get started with these beginner violin tips.

What is the best violin for beginners? The “best violin for beginners” is a subjective term. We have compiled the best beginner violin instruments and brands below. All of the major manufacturers offer inexpensive beginner models for beginner violinists.

For a Beginner’s guide to violin making and how the instrument works click here (PDF).

Here are our top 10 beginner violin makers.

Our beginner violin buying guide

Before making a purchase you should understand what is in-stock at your local shop. We have a video that gives you insight into how to choose the right maker.

What is an advanced violin? An advanced violin is one you can enjoy for many years. It’s often the highest quality instrument, but the price can be more than the regular beginner model. Advanced violins usually come in an exotic or specialized violin case.

Symphony violins

This violin was named the ultimate violin for students and violinists. In the late 19th century, the German composer and violinist, Walter Schumann, perfected a stringed instrument that was both beautiful and deadly, especially to soloists. It was often made as a concertist’s instrument, and some even designed and manufactured their own concert viola.

The first modern German concert violins are beautiful but pricey instruments. It’s not until the mid-20th century that German manufacturer Paul Bertrand Guitars brought the violin to mass market. A popular product of the concert violin era, the violin can easily be a dream for a beginner.

For more information on this great violin make sure to check out my beginner violin buyer’s guide.

Dedicated and expert violinists will tell you that the more string gauges you use the closer you get to being a master.

Symphony violins

An excellent stringed instrument, this violin should be purchased with a beginner’s understanding of how it works. Learn more about string tension and the different string types with my detailed beginner violin building guide.

This violin can cost as much as $10,000. Make sure you find you a string player if you’re going to spend that kind of money on a violin. String players are highly trained and experienced in the violin making process. They are very meticulous and can take time to