Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Learning The Violin Late In Life

Violinists use their instruments for different expressive purposes. Violinists enjoy making sounds, like a clarinet or flute; violinists make sounds, like a bassoon or an oboe; and violaists make sounds, like a tuba or trumpet. If you love to sound beautiful – and I do – you don’t go to a piano for music.

Why are violins more expensive than guitars?

Guitars and basses are built to play a sound with a lot of harmonic content with a lot of vibrato/flanging. The violin has more tone. The difference with the ukulele, though, is that ukulele strings are designed with a tonal sound to the same level.

What’s one of the most important pieces of equipment you carry?

The first instrument I owned in college was a Hammond organ. The rest were guitars, basses, ukuleles, etc. I carry an Echoplex guitar, the Stradivarius, all my percussion instruments for practicing, my drum sets, and a few electric guitars I had from my previous jobs. I do a full guitar pickguard for every instrument.

What’s one thing about ukulele music that intrigues you?

There are just so many elements I enjoy playing with ukulele. In music I use the instrument to make beats, and as a percussion instrument it can be used with a wide range of rhythms for different styles. I have a couple of ukulele players in my band, and I listen to their playing and learn what I can from their different styles. I just love going to gigs and seeing the different styles.

Who’s your top ukulele player (outside of your band)?

My drummer is my bass player – John and Tim (my oldest son). He plays his uke when I go on tour with my band. He is great. His bass play is a little bit different than my own. Sometimes he can be a bit shy with his ukulele (a little different than me).

How did you get into ukulele music?

I have always played guitar and bass, but I don’t remember when, or what my introduction to playing ukulele was. I do play piano, and that’s how I first heard some ukulele music when I was really young. I have a very limited repertoire on my ukule

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