Why does my violin sound bad? – Learning The Violin Late In Life

Why do I have trouble playing it, when all my other violins sound good?”

It makes sense, too. When you change one thing, there’s going to be some negative side effect of doing that. That’s why a person should be careful about what they do to their body and how they breathe. There’s a danger that things may be done that are going to create an unpleasant or unwanted response in the body.

In a recent scientific study, students were divided into two groups. One group was told that the air supply to their lungs would be blocked or interrupted after they did some exercise and breathing.

The other group was told that breathing would be fine. They were told they would not experience any discomfort in their lungs if they did some exercises. There was just a warning that they would hear it later.

They were allowed to breathe normally, and there were no restrictions on their movement during that time. All that was given was information that what was being done was making a difference.

As you may imagine, students in the first group were able to play the stringed instrument at a very high grade, more so than those in the other group. The second group, however, had trouble doing the same thing.

One of the students who had been told to breathe normally and not hear the warning said, “That’s why you shouldn’t talk down to someone at a concert. That’s going to cause the body to react with something. It could make you feel something.”

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In a statement on the Web site, “The American College of Sports Medicine: Musculoskeletal Disorders,” the university stated that students who could not use their lungs for all activity had a lower grade than those who was able to utilize their lungs.

“It becomes important to remember,” the university wrote, “that the use of breath or diaphragm as a barrier to air is not universally true. In fact, in many people, use of breath and diaphragm to increase air flow, and air flow with a decreased air pressure, may cause more problems.”

In order for you to perform well, you just have to be consistent in your practice. And that’s what every person should do. It’s just like training. Make sure you don’t go in with a bad attitude and a bad attitude will only create more problems.

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