Why is my violin not making any sound? – How To Learn Notes On The Violin Sheet Music

Well, it’s really a very quiet violin. It’s a little bit more sensitive than most other violin making instruments, and for that you need a very quiet instrument.

We don’t care if you have a violin made in India or England; India’s a lot nicer.

But it’s still pretty loud.

Yeah, I have heard that people have been killed.

Did you think they would be killed in here too?

They are used a lot in the film, to show there is more to this world than meets the eye.

So were you surprised?

Yes. I had an idea that there was going to be no more people in a lot of the other places – you know, the whole world was being destroyed, and the only people that were going to survive were people in this little little village, so you thought people would leave.

And then we got a phone call from someone, in an Indian accent, saying, ‘You are the man of peace, I’m going to show you the door – you can go.’


And, in India, the place where many people go to die, it isn’t very safe at all.

That’s been it; I hadn’t thought about it before.

What do your parents think of your involvement in the film?

They don’t know much about my work.

But they do realise that we are all involved in this. They believe what I am doing, that I represent a lot of things.

But do they approve of my work? I mean, they have been very good to me. They say I’m the hero of the film.

That’s because I got them involved. I think they did not expect my kind of work.

And why do you think they’ve been very positive about it?

Well, they are very sensitive.

So are you going to do other film in India?

Not this time, I don’t think.



What about the other stuff?

No, just this

Is that the other one?

No, that’s the other one.

What are you doing for fun right now? The film is out.

Yes. I am working full time, and I am being paid very reasonably.

And there’s lots of people you know who are still in India

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