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If you just stop at a certain chord and then try to play the same one again, you’ll still hear a lot of mistakes because you’re not playing at the correct time.

I’m not a trained musician, I’m just a high school student with a dream who is trying to improve his music and hopefully make it to the big league. My goal is to be good enough to represent at the international level, but also have time to write for The New Zealand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Reasons Children Do Not Want To Play Violin
Are you a fan of any of the great composers and composers in classical music?

Yes! I really enjoy Chopin’s “Symphony In C” because it reminds me of when I was growing up in the UK, and the music that I hear today (with or without the vocals) has a great sense of melody. As a student, I love Chopin’s “Sonata F,” “Mozart in the Minuet” and his operas, “Aida” and “The Magic Flute.”

I would love to hear more music of John Williams because he has the ability to make music that is like nothing I’ve ever heard. His music has a wonderful balance of classical and contemporary, but there is great detail in all of his music. He has a wonderful sense of style and he is a masterful composer.

Do you have any advice for other students?

I would encourage students to focus on their instrument even though it is not that important to them (for example piano). It can be a distraction, so just focus on your instrument and your technique. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing too much on being able to play an instrument, but what I have found is that if you stay focused on your guitar, you’ll do a great number of things better and it will not detract from the quality of your work. The same can be said about your piano and singing. It is very important to focus on one’s technique and to take the time to find what works for you!

Thank you Andrew for taking the time to answer my questions, we hope you are having a wonderful week and we are all looking forward to seeing you on stage next week to complete the Aotearoa Philharmonic.

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