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How can a 12-inch violin cost $150+? That’s because there are different types, or ranges, of violin. There are the traditional and modern, the more advanced and the more affordable. That’s not the case for the Chinese traditional violin. They make these $150-$200 guitars with a top of wood of 8mm. How are you gonna do that? So, how is the Chinese traditional guitar going to be more affordable than a 12-inch violin?

Well, with regards to the high-end pieces, we tend to think of the high-end Chinese guitars as the expensive ones, right? And it does give you the impression of the higher quality. But that’s a very incorrect assessment. I think we’d be better to say that, even from my standpoint, if a 12-inch violin is more expensive, and that’s because of the construction, that’s because it has more weight and it has a higher price tag attached to it, and it’s going to cost more to make it better, the Chinese traditional will still be just as affordable as if you’re just buying a 12-inch violin. And again, I don’t know how the Chinese would sell their 12-inch violin. It’s not my place to say. When I think about them, I want to think about the things that I know and the things that I’ve experienced. So if I was going to ask them why they made this a 12-inch, I’m probably going to be told that they made it for me because I played a 12-inch violin and I just couldn’t do that anymore. So, it would be a very subjective answer, if you’re going to make that answer.

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So, in that case, I don’t buy them – and I don’t think that they’re made to make me happy. But you know, the problem with that is that the cost of these instruments tends to be extremely high. But that’s not the case for Chinese traditional music, or for most of the European traditional music. So, in those cases, you are probably going to be paying a price that really reflects the real value of the piece.

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