Why violin is the hardest instrument? – How Hard Is Violin

The most difficult music has to do with the articulations or the way the string is played so it does take a while to master.

You’re more likely to do well with playing one or two notes. That sounds obvious but there is a reason why the violin is so hard. Each note on the violin is different so it requires you to pick up each note and play it like the way the notes on a piano are played. You must hear how the string is vibrating from the back of the bow. And since there have to be two strings, one string goes over the left hand and the other under the right hand.

How many fingers can a child play well?

Children are able to play any of 4 fingers on the left hand and 2 fingers on the right hand.

Your finger placement on a violin is important with regard to playing the violin and so it’s wise to learn how the fingers work to avoid confusion later. For example, if you’re playing the violin left hand, you don’t have to move your finger down towards the fingerboard, it already works that way… so move the lower finger.

You have to use your whole hand at the beginning because the fingerboard is so small. Your left hand can be used as a flat piece of wood and the right to hold the violin.

How do you play different parts of a piece?

Once you learn the basics, you’ll be able to play just about any part of the piece. You’ll need to know when the string is bending and when the notes are ringing. You’ll also learn the way the strings interact and how the strings connect to the wood. The whole piece isn’t the same, though.

You’ll understand different arrangements of violin music on different discs. You’ll also begin to play pieces you haven’t sung before to match your style. With practice, you’ll learn to play a solo like the “Gamba” or a duet like the “Sopranos” and the like.

How do you get good at playing the violin?

There are different ways to get good at playing. First is through practicing the instrument. Since the violin is so tricky, it takes a lot of practice to master it properly. Next, it doesn’t always have to be a solo piano in one piece. Many people learn the violin solo in concerts, then do a lot of rehearsals before they actually start playing in concert.

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