Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

What about the strings of my violin?

Why aren’t my strings attached to the violin case or tuner?

I had a previous problem with the strings on my violin. I removed them from the case and fixed the strings, but I now don’t have them attached or attached correctly to my viola case and tuner. Why? What’s wrong with my strings? Was there a problem with the string material or how it was installed?

If my viola case has a special screw, if I can find someone who can fix the case then I can return it. I think if the case is broken, the string was improperly installed, I should try that. I’m considering contacting the manufacturer.

If the strings are too short, can I still play the violin but it will be difficult to string the strings?

I’m thinking about trying replacement strings. What is the safest and easiest way to replace the strings without damaging the instrument or ruining the string material?

If I use an adjustable strap with my case (i.e., I have a case with a strap with adjustable straps), the strap needs a lot of tension but not enough. I don’t know when I should change the strap. What should I do?

What if I’m putting on a case made for an electric violin but that has no adjustable strap? What should I do?

If a string falls out of my case and there’s no way to replace it because it is too short, is it dangerous to have the strings cut away?

If I’m replacing strings, is it dangerous to break or lose the string?

My viola case has a special screw that holds the case in place. How can I access the screw so I can replace the screw and replace the case?

My string strings are too long. How do I shorten them?

What’s wrong with my string strings? Have I damaged the string?

How can I find a repair repair center?

My case has an adjustable strap. What does this strap do?

My case has a rubber strap around the top. What does this add to the overall design of the case?

How can I find the correct size for my case?

Any information you have on what I am asking is greatly appreciated!

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