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It’s the same age as my parents, and my sister. I feel the same age as my mother, so I don’t feel old. When we first learned there were rules for a game, my sister and I were just like the rest of our classmates.

It didn’t take long before the rules were learned and we began playing.

My sister was already playing when I was 10 years old. My parents and I became serious about Magic.

Why Do Modern Players Play Modern?

It’s a format where there are too many good decks. Modern players get to play so many different decks that they’ll have to look at it through two different eyes. It’s a difficult format to master because it is very forgiving to decks that do not perform well against others.

My favorite card in Modern is , but it is very competitive.

Why do Modern Players Play Magic?

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You never know what decks are going to appear.

Modern players want to feel like their deck is built in a way that will allow them to beat the other team.

The Modern format is not going to change too much for quite a while, but there are other formats that can offer the same experience (B/G, Legacy, etc.)

If you’re interested in Modern I suggest you make time to play. As an avid player you can experience the thrill of victory. As a Magic player, you will get to experience the thrill of defeat.

There are many reasons I enjoy Magic and you will like what you read. In fact, I hope you do too.

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