How do you do the disappearing coin trick? – Magic Tricks With Rings Revealed

In one direction: Find coins as they are falling into a glass of water. In the other direction: Find a coin.

The trick comes down to identifying the coins and determining where they are falling.

As you look to collect the coins, first you have to identify who is holding them. Once you identify your target, you can start to collect them.

In this example, I’m holding a coin with my right hand while I’m looking for the target who I think is holding it.

When I’ve identified my target, I can then begin to retrieve the coins as they fall.

Here are some quick tips on finding coins while using the trick:

You’ll need to collect coins wherever they seem to disappear and not just the front and back of a bowl. For example, in a tub, on the counter, or in a cup.

If a coin has been dropped into water, don’t collect the coins while they’re still wet. Instead, wait about a second before collecting the coins, hoping that the water evaporates before the coins run out of water.

As you continue with the trick, you may come across extra coins that you can collect. Just keep your eye out for them.

This trick can work on your favorite sports team or a favorite restaurant. You can even try it at the bank. When I was a child, I used it at a bank during the holidays. It worked great on the Christmas tree, which was an easy target.

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