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It can’t be. As discussed, levitation is only possible with the assistance of powerful enough magnetic force in the material that is being levitated. If we think of the body only as an elastic material, how can it be possible that the levitation could be accomplished without any assistance? The only way is that one would have to know for certain that the electromagnetic properties of the material be compatible.
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What is the effect of electromagnetic fields on humans? In this article we will address this question by using a combination of experiments with rats and humans. The article will explain the mechanisms that allow electromagnetic fields to be transmitted through human skin, and that the magnetic properties of the atoms involved in the transmission can be manipulated, as well as their effect on the human body.

In this connection, it is important to note that the electromagnetic field from a transmitter can be a vector that does not have to be directed from its source, although it may be useful to do so. If the transmitter were directed from the source, the electromagnetic fields would not be the way they are, since they would not be linear. They would change in phase, as described in the next paragraph

The human body is a complex mixture of molecules made of atoms, ions and electrons. The molecules in the human body have magnetic properties, and that is what gives it its magnetic strength. The human body has atoms and electrons on its surface, which are oriented so that their magnetic properties are “clamped” onto the surface’s surface to the point that its magnetic flux, i.e., its ability to rotate in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field, is sufficient to keep these atoms and electrons from moving around the body in random orientation due to the Earth’s magnetic field.

An analogy between two different kinds of atoms: a phosphorus atom is in a magnetic “magnetic resonance” and it vibrates along the plane of the Earth’s surface. So, to demonstrate how it vibrates on the surface and its magnetic resonance changes the Earth’s magnetic field, we use the experiment in Fig. 16 (of the reference work “Magnetic Resonance with Microwave Amplitude Modulation”). This article discusses the principles of magnetic resonance that enable us to transmit and receive electromagnetic fields in the absence of the Earth’s magnetic field. (Although the article includes experiments in which the Earth’s magnetic field plays the role of transmitter).

If the transmission of fields from distant radio transmitter is done through the skin of the subject, without any external influence by the environment,

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