How do you draw an eye pencil? – Pencil Drawings Of Animal Skulls

As if you’ve already finished that task, take your pencil, and trace the outline of that eye, and trace across the same. Now add the eye on it.

Draw the outline of the next one, with a little bit of ink on the edges. This will help you not take your pencil off during the drawing, especially if you need to start again. If you think your drawing is looking off, add some more color or ink, and repeat steps 3-4.

Now, if you’re a regular, you’re probably wondering how to do it with a fountain pen, or another pointy object to draw your eyes on, but doable. Take your drawing, and use the back of a pencil to apply the ink and color. You can also add a small dot on the top, that will draw your eye.

You now have a pencil sketch of your eye!

To add another color, just draw a line onto the back, and stick it at the point where you want the dot to be placed. Use a small amount of ink and color. Don’t get silly, and draw a couple of dots on the back as well as the eyes.

Now you have an eye sketch, ready for the next step.

Draw a bunch of dots using the same process, but using the colored lines. You just have to stick a dot on the center of the back of your eye.

To complete your eye sketch: Paint something on it, and draw more colors. If you’re feeling really daring, add a few dots on the top or the side.
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The end result will look kind of like this.

Add a dot on the side or bottom, if you like your eyes to not look like they moved all the time.

At last, bring these finished drawings to life, and add something extra, as a detail, such as wings, ears, and eyebrows, or something that looks like you’re looking at someone. This is your art, and you can draw it any way, as long as there’s interest!

When you do this technique with a pencil, you can’t go wrong. I have no idea how you use colored pencils, but if you do, please let me know below. Also, please, if you find this too fun, share the links to this post with your friends and colleagues, so that they can learn as well! 🙂

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