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Ink is a flexible non-toxic ink made from an emulsifiable polymer. The emulsification allows ink to be molded, blended and solidified into thin, hard, durable structures for use in writing, drawing and other work.

What’s the difference between acrylic and non-acrylic inks?

Acrylic paints and pastes are made from acrylic and acrylic polymer (in their natural form). These paints are commonly available with different formulations. Most are labeled “acid free.”

To achieve this, the acid is usually derived from water or an acid-producing base. Some acids are also derived from petroleum or other base forms. The result is an additive or solvent which is added to another substance.

When an acid is added to petroleum the substance changes form to a liquid, leaving a thin film of hydrochloric acid on the surface that gives ink its strong, ink-like properties. The addition of the acid is usually used to make the paint more flexible and to produce a richer, more vibrant color. Acrylic paints contain no other additives or solvents.

Acrylic inks typically are classified by the amount of the acid they contain. Acidic paints on the other hand are used to achieve a strong, opaque and deep color when the ink is blended into a medium. Acrylic inks have typically been used primarily for drawing, painting, decorating, and fine art.

Some acrylic inks are labeled with the strength rating that they may hold after they are washed. These paints can last indefinitely in the most extreme environments and are used for a variety of art work. While many of our products use acrylic paints, we do not claim any superiority of any of our inks.

How do I know if a product is acrylic in ink?

Some acrylic inks are labeled with terms such as “permanent marker,” “firm point marker” or “clear-coat or sealant.” These are labels that allow the ink to be applied to objects as it is washed. These can be effective in highlighting or giving a strong, durable color.

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There are also several common brand names for acrylic inks. For example, the clear, non-Acrylonitrile, is sometimes marketed as “Acrylonitrile” or “A2.” Acrylonitrile paints

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