How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawing Ideas For Teens

Well, I have to admit that drawing comics just started off as a hobby of mine. There weren’t many comics that I read when I was young, but the ones I did read all had this one thing in common, and that was that the character always felt like they were drawing something, not just looking at a piece of paper. I started noticing that in my drawings and that’s when I began to explore that idea in pencil in ways that are now fairly common. It seemed like something that I was good at because it did not require great detail such as making the pencil cut for the paper; it just cut very simply with a nice thin line. So I’ve got good practice drawing with my own hand.

But you only have practice drawing with a pencil?

That’s what I did in the early days!

Well, that was my first thought at the time, that it would probably be harder to learn how to draw because it’s an individual process, different for each person. You know, it’s always good to start with your hands and then you start putting your drawing in perspective for a while. If you can do it, it only gets easier.

What, what do you think, when you start to work with a different medium?

It’s not so different from a comic strip, you might say. I like doing things that I like doing but what I found was that when I was first learning I tried to stick to the same styles and the same styles, but then I found other styles that I enjoyed and that I started to experiment. Now you know what I mean. It’s been four years since then – a long time since I was ever in any comics magazine or whatever at that point so it’s been a lot of time for me to really experiment and see what goes on in other areas.

You did a lot of work for Marvel Comics, doing covers and advertisements; how did you settle in as an artist? How did you get that taste of things that other comics people might never get?
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Well, I really did like it when Stan Lee told me at one point that I could use my own art to do any cover for Marvel. A story came first, it’s like an idea for an idea, and then I could come in and make a cover based on that. I didn’t see it as a job so much as my career as an illustrator. When I first got started I didn’t really have to make up covers,

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