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How do you draw pencil art? Posted by Stephen Miller in Art Notes on Wednesday, December 8, 2012

When he returned from Korea, Miller returned to his job writing for a newspaper. When he returned to the States, Miller returned to Los Angeles to do stand-up – the career that he’s spent working in the wake of the financial collapse. And when he returned to New York, Miller returned to the streets, which, according to him, are the best medium for storytelling.

Miller told his New York Times audience at the beginning of the month that he had taken time off since the financial crisis to do the stand-up and to focus on comics:
Jesus Offering His Hand Drawing by Jaison Cianelli

One thing that has surprised me is just how much I’ve moved around in time from, I guess, when I was writing comic books to when I was doing stand-up comedy, and now, now that it’s not as big a part of my life and my life has got so much more exciting, I’ve gotten to do things in ways that really felt fresh and new… I don’t know why, but I think comics is a great place to be if you just want to do things that are different.

I believe the reason Miller returned to doing comics after seeing how he handled the situation at the time and not doing stand-up is because he felt that comics was the medium that he was most comfortable in. “I’ve done comedy a long time in places and I’m probably a bigger joke teller than Steve Buscemi or Woody Allen or anybody else who’s ever done things really outside of the mainstream world of comedy.” Miller’s stand-up, which is based on his experience as a struggling writer and actor in the entertainment industry has not been a success since he started in 2006, and he still feels like that. In fact, we might even say that Miller’s personal story is the story of comics. It’s all about how he did stand-up and comedy, and his own personal life.

Miller recently told a news segment for USA Today that, after seeing how he handled the financial collapse and the economy following the crash, he decided to return to the streets to tell his story – which is what he’s been doing for years: “It’s a very tough time to be an artist. I have a great deal of pride and happiness in my art.”

It’s not just his story that makes him an interesting subject for comics, it’s also the circumstances that have shaped him. Miller was a child

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