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It’s a medium with a medium rate of flex. This causes a lot of problems, for many reasons. First off, it forces you to be very precise in using pencils. If you screw up and accidentally use a long stroke, the pencil will be very rough. Second, the long strokes are hard on your fingers as well. I found that using a high-pitch, shallow stroke, or one where the pen tip never touches the paper resulted in the pencil sticking to the paper for a long time. When this occurs, I use a very thin and quick movement in pencil. Third, the amount of pressure needed for a pencil to get a sharp point is high. If I just draw a pencil mark and it goes straight on instead of staying on the paper for a few moments, in a long stroke, I do not have a very good grip of the paper and it can cause the paper to flex and pull away. There was a little bit of trouble with this, as for a long time, I would hold my pencil high or high and slowly draw and I would get an extremely sharp and hard little line right through the paper. I realized this was going to happen if I tried to draw too fast at any point after the pen left the tip of the line and the pencil came close to the paper. In the end, I learned that it’s best to draw with a very brief and shallow stroke. This will give you the most control through small to medium and large strokes, and I’ve gotten very good results using this technique, and it also makes the pen feel much less painful. Some people also think pencils just have to be very heavy. That’s not the case. When it comes to writing on paper, my preference is a little lighter pen than a smallish medium pen. It’s still a pencil, but it’s not a heavy pencil. I think it may even be a bit heavier. It can definitely look heavier. Some people also think that this is also good for beginners, since most pen lines are about the same width as a pencil, so they don’t have to use more power. That’s an idea that would only work if the pen had a thicker tip. For that reason, it is not my preference, but it might be another writer’s preference.
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So how many pens can you get on a budget? At the very end of my last column in December, I decided to do a survey. As one commenter asked, what was the most expensive pen? In that column, I

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