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The idea is simple. For any time. You draw a drawing of your own and submit it to us. There is just one catch. If you are not able to pay at the beginning we will send another drawing to you for free! We want you to help us create this new art.

Who are you and how can I help?

I have worked for decades in the art industry and I have created many of the most famous pictures and posters on Earth. I am not an artist, just a creator.

I am not the only way you can make a contribution to our art collection. When you go to the site and click on the “Donate” button you will have a few options.

If you want to make a contribution directly, you can donate to our Patreon. Your donation will be tax deductible as long as your contribution is made to a charity of your choice.

If you want to make a donation by check, you can contact me at mr.sepp@artofmike

Pamela Anderson made a comment today about President Barack Obama and the way men and women are treated when he took to Twitter to call the president a “f***er” for his comment about Trayvon Martin, according to TMZ Sports.

Anderson tweeted to Obama after the president apologized for making a comment about Martin’s death. Obama also criticized the way race was used to “legitimize” the death of the unarmed black teenager.

Anderson wrote, “F*ck that man/man’s man is a f***er,” to which President Obama replied, “Yeah, well, that’s not quite how you put it. It’s not a perfect term, but the way that the race issue was used to legitimize that killing — that’s not how you put it.”

Watch Obama’s full response below:

Anderson then tweeted a picture of herself wearing a T-shirt that reads “I am Trayvon’s mother” while holding one of her sons, with the message, “I am your child, I give you the same respect as your brothers.”

Anderson’s tweet immediately generated controversy, and the president eventually issued more tweets addressing the controversy and why the remarks were so hurtful for the Martin family.

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“The world is an illusion. The world is a fairy tale. I am my son.

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