What is graphite pencil made of?

The material used for graphite pencils has many components and is subject to variation when subjected to various environmental conditions. The most commonly used chemicals to manufacture graphite pencils would be:

Mg(OH) 2 ·H 2 O·C 6 H 8 O

The graphite in graphite pencils comes from the graphite ore, which is typically found in the mines where the pencils are made.

A graphite pencil comes from the graphite mine, and the mine is usually referred to as a “barcode.” There are dozens of “barcodes” that are used for making graphite pencils. In most cases, the graphite is produced by pouring molten graphite into a large container with a porous bottom and lid. A small amount of graphite is also added to the glass for a smoother touch. It is not uncommon to receive a barcode with one side black and the paper side blue.

The graphite (yellowish-white) in the box is actually the raw material for making the pencil, which then has to pass through several stages of extraction at the mine.

What types of chemicals do graphitic pencils contain?

Chemical contents listed and quantities in grams are approximate based on what is used.

Sodium carbonate to prevent bleaching. It is a water soluble product, which is not necessary and is not used, but is important for the product to pass through various stages of mining and processing to reach the manufacturing stage.

Titanium dioxide as a stabilizer to help control the hardness of the product.

The “black” side of the barcode is what is important to note, and also makes it very difficult to differentiate what barcode the graphite comes from.

What types of colors do graphite pencils come in?

Generally they have a yellowish-white color to indicate their origin, and most have a blue or purple colored side.
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Where are graphite pencils manufactured?

The pencil is processed all over the world, from China to the United States and in Europe.

How easy is it to find and purchase graphite pencils?

A great number of companies have a website to help with locating their products. You can usually find many listings for graphite pencils from the following countries:

United States

United Kingdom



United States of America