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It’s a very hard profession to work in.”

There are two types of dogs in the UK. Dogs that are bred for show are called show dogs and breeders can sell these dogs. However, dogs that are kept solely for the sake of their offspring are not classified as show dogs under the dog show rules.

“I’m not going to say I’m better than other people”

“I’ve done things that have set some people back but I’ve also done things that haven’t, because of the passion I have for the sport, for the breed itself, for the owners and for my clients”.

When asked if he would be interested in working with other breeders as a handler, he said that he could only talk about what he could afford at this point. He has never been a show dog owner before, but says that he is ready to take on that role one day.

“I’d be excited to jump into that field and work with a group of dogs that have their whole lives ahead of them and the people who are providing for them”.

“There are a lot of guys that are getting really good at it but it’s still a hard job”.

In the video above the panel discuss some of the myths and misconceptions and the benefits of working as a handler. While the video is not made for and cannot be used as evidence, we hope it will be an informative experience for those that are interested to learn more about the industry.

Image copyright David J Smith Image caption Mr Bowers said there are “very serious risks” for the public as a result of the Government’s policy

The UK government did not have the “moral authority” to introduce a ban on so-called “pupils’ passports”, a Conservative MP has said.

Chris Grayling said it was a “narrow minded” move, saying it could cost the UK its financial support of the European Union.

Ministers have said the so-called passports were needed for pupils from poor and vulnerable backgrounds.

The policy has been criticised by some MPs.

However, the MP for Erewash said he was “absolutely” certain the proposal would lead to the “destruction” of the school system and children.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston and Marr show on Monday, Mr Grayling said: “When it was first announced, I knew it did not have the moral authority to proceed [with the restriction].


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