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Many are happy and playful with the occasional family member, but others should know about the risks involved with the idea of having a family member over a long period. It is not unusual for many domestic dog owners to adopt their canine companion for a short time before considering them a potential family member, just to keep up with the other dogs in the house.

For example, an unfamiliar dog may be afraid of people and could be a problem for a family of five or six. An experienced pet owner who does not fear her dog could be a great choice with such a new dog.

Many people fear pets will always have a place in their household. They fear when a new family member walks around the house.

If your dog has a family member that you do not like, talk to them about the benefits of the breed. Most dogs are not inherently territorial. They may become quite territorial when they believe a new family member is coming around the house. Keep the situation as friendly as possible. They might even be able to offer assistance in the house and provide some entertainment. They could even be a great choice for a new family member.

However, if you’re a first-time dog owner and are apprehensive about the idea of an entirely new dog in the house, the first option would be to let an existing family member stay in the house as an occasional visitor. That’s fine if you really like that person, and your dog likes them a lot. But that person may have his or her own expectations and may be too afraid to return anytime soon. So the other dog would be welcome to live in the family for a while longer.

To find out if your dog is ready for a lifetime of companionship, find out more about the breeds involved and visit your local PetSmart to see if they offer companion services. They may be able to make a recommendation.

Is your dog comfortable alone?

Although most dogs love being around other dogs, not everyone is able to spend the whole day with the same dog.

Many pet owners want a lot of time with their cat but have to choose between this dog and the cat they already have. Some people would rather not have a pet, but would be happier if they had a dog.

For example, a new owner will feel great and happy having a dog in their home, but there is the worry that it will be a little too easy for a new family member to cause the dog anxiety. They may even feel guilty

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