Can you make a living walking dogs?

Probably. Could you make a living walking on land with a dog, with this kind of a dog? No, but that’s the end of that story. Can you make a living with a dog in New York City? You will be homeless, and if you do you might have a great big dog who knows how to eat, and who will never bite you.

You don’t need to be a genius to be a dogwalker. Dogs will follow your lead even as you stumble and trip and get your head down and pick yourself up. Dogs will follow you into the most obscure parts of town, around garbage cans and other garbage you don’t even care if people can see. Dogs will walk you through the most narrow streets and then the very narrowest of parking lots, across roads that have no shoulders, into traffic—you should be scared of their big feet. Some of them will follow you and you might not even remember whether you had picked up a food or had not—they might let you carry on. But then again, some might think you were a dog.

Maybe you should be scared of this, right. You have heard about dogs, of course. Maybe you’ve seen it on TV, in movies. You think the dog lives with its owner, and that is fine but how can he afford to own an animal whose existence would almost certainly be of minimal value to him? Where will he get food, clothes, shelter, health care, etc.? What will he do? Is he going to be able to support the animal—he might not even have the money to afford it.

There are millions of people who do not own dogs and who would prefer to. But they live in some country that has no laws that prohibit people from keeping animals that are at least four years old and whose primary purpose is to hunt other human beings. And you cannot possibly imagine the lives these people lead without the animal, who spends hours out of his mind chasing birds, chasing rats and squirrels, and chasing all kinds of strange rodents of all sorts. And yet, for some reason, they have no need to hunt.
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I am not suggesting that every country in the world outlaws and outlaws the keeping of dogs. There are many countries out there that have laws banning dog hunting—or even a complete ban it is impossible to get rid of—but the vast bulk of the world is governed by laws that permit keeping dogs for hunting purposes—some of them as a primary function of their owners and