What should I charge for dog walking?

Your mileage will vary, but our recommended rates are:

Lunch and snacks at lunch

Tables and chairs at dinner

Dog walking – for all walks over 10 miles, $11

Dog walking – for all walks over 50 miles, $27

Dogs can be carried in a leash, but you must keep your dog on a leash. Some dogs, especially those with smaller dogs, prefer walking in the front yard. When you leave, please respect all dogs’ rights. The Humane Society also provides “dog free” parking, which means that we do not take dogs off-leash on our premises. Please note that this is not an official program of the United States Department of Agriculture.

What do I need to bring with me to a walk?

For your own safety, make sure to bring:

A leash

A small dog blanket

A pocket-size pen, to mark your dog’s progress

A bottle of water (if your dog will need it) or treat

If you are planning a walk for two or more dogs, please consider leaving your dog at home while you walk. The Humane Society can also make a dog “free” by allowing access on our parking lot during the day, even if a dog is waiting to be let out.

How does the Humane Society care for animals?

As the largest shelter for dogs in New York State, the Humane Society also serves as a training and educational center for our employees and the community. We work with local veterinarians to provide care for our animals and train our veterinary staff so that one day you and your dog can walk home safely without any complications.

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Where can I find the Humane Society’s latest media coverage?

Learn more about what we’re doing here by reading our press release archives.

How will I find out what we’re doing?

We post information about our current operations on our Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp pages to let readers know what we’re doing—and see what we’re hearing. Visit our media contacts page for more information.

Which breeds of dogs should I choose?

The Humane Society’s program is for puppies under 4 weeks old.

What do I get out of dog walking?

Dog walking is a unique and meaningful experience that promotes physical activity, healthy diet, healthy socialization, and a safe, peaceful environment for your dog.

Does my dog get along well with people