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Yes, it is important for all dog walkers to have a registered state license. Learn about required dog walking licenses for dog leashes and how do they fit into your dog walking business?

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The first full year of Donald Trump’s presidency brings with it a level of scrutiny from the media and the public that was not present during the first nine months of Bill Clinton’s presidency at least twice in the 90s.

Trump’s first year in office has been largely overlooked in the press.

Trump campaigned on his business acumen, his knowledge of international affairs and his mastery of the world of the internet. During the campaign, he made a habit of taking heat for some of these comments or tweets by referring to his opponents as a lot of people.

When he became President Donald Trump’s closest adviser during the summer and fall of 2016, he did little to dispel the notion that he was somehow a buffoon.

The President was also accused of being “nasty,” “very insecure” and “an emotionally unstable person” in the early mornings of days when President Barack Obama was president (something that happened more often to President George W. Bush during his own first year).

In early July during the week Obama was first inaugurated , Trump was accused of calling former President George W. Bush a “dummy.”

Some of these statements also went over poorly in some circles. In an interview with Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo in early July, Trump called Obama a “low-energy” president.

Then there is the claim that he called President Barack Obama a “c***” during their phone call in March. In the White House, it’s understood that Trump is aware that he has a tendency to offend people on a routine basis. But he has never been accused of bullying.

The question is, what, exactly, does Trump mean when he talks about his opponents with such negative connotations?

Trump made a habit of labeling others as “bimbos,” “jokesters,” “losers” and “dummies.” Those have been his frequent words of choice to dismiss people or to demean them.

It was not always as common for politicians to use such terms but Donald Trump clearly was not the last to resort to it. His use of

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