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No, there is no requirement that you have a dog license if you are planning to lead an active and vigorous life, such as that of a working dog. The law says people can carry their dogs on the property without a license and, in fact many, including large cities, do and require one of these forms if they want to take their dogs in public. But it’s an optional requirement.

There are many dog owners who don’t carry a dog, who keep their dogs in crates, even indoor kennels. Many localities restrict how much noise they can be making. But in most places, where a permit for a dog-walker is offered, you must have one before you take your pup to the curb.

And while some states have laws to govern dog walking, they’re typically a bit over the top or don’t apply where you are. For example, New York City allows the carriage of a large dog on public sidewalks without paying a permit fee, although the city has a “no-no” list where you can’t take your dog in public where it is prohibited.

Most localities will ask, not ask, for license, but have a dog walker’s license available for those who wish to come in at regular intervals. If you want to make a trip for all the dogs in your neighborhood, it’s usually helpful to get a permit. The best time to look for the license is before you head out, especially for smaller localities where you may find out later that the law requires that you have at least two-to-four times that size of walker.

Can people with small dogs stay while they’re on the property?

Yes, if they are small enough for the pet sitter to handle. Small dogs under 16 weeks of age need a “service animal” permit. If they need a walker, it’s up to them to show up without their owner. Most other places require that people give someone else their puppy after they’re done walking them.
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Is it illegal to leave a dog behind when you go out?

No, although there is a very specific rule for “dogs not in service” (aka “dogwalker dogs,” or DJDs). You have to give your dog back to the owner if they are not home and there are no family members in the home. You have to keep it at least 100 yards from any other animal, including a child. Most state laws also state that you must put your dogs

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