Does Rover give you a w2? – Arthur’s Pet Business Activities Examples

We will not be providing a pre-filled, pre-written W2. The person that fills the W2 will get the same benefits as the person that fills the W1.

If you are a member of Team Explorer, why do I get the full W1, and not the full W2?

We feel comfortable providing Team Explorer members the full W1, so they can take advantage of the full W2 while they are on site. We provide this for our Team Explorer members on a “per-hour” basis. There is a 30-second delay per Team Explorer member during the pre-fill process. If your Team Explorer does not fill the W2 during the initial checkout, you will be required to pay for this service at the point of purchase.

Why does Rover give me an e-Form in my case?

The e-Form is a temporary solution until we can get a better system in place for ensuring you get the full benefits of your W1. We will continue to offer the free e-Form service to keep our members current, and it is expected you’ll continue to purchase an e-Form upon completion of the W1. However, we recognize that most Team Explorer members have no financial need to complete an e-Form, and our service is designed to make it possible for you to use an e-Form while on site at Rover, if you want to.
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Why does Rover allow me to enter a business address into my W1?

Rover allows Team Exporters to enter an address in a W1 where there is any possible possibility that it could be used for business purposes, including the receipt of payment for a vehicle that was towed away. This is done as a last resort, the same as someone leaving a name, phone number or e-mail address for you to use for your account, if you’re able, but we cannot be held responsible for your failure to enter this information in the W1.

Why does Rover offer members the ability to write checks to their own personal account instead of the Rover account?

This may sound silly, but it helps reduce transaction fees, it helps reduce processing costs and provides members with a safer alternative to transferring money through PayPal.

How do I verify that my driver has completed the vehicle inspection before I purchase the vehicle from Rover?

Rover accepts all vehicles that have been completed by a qualified person. It may, under some circumstances, determine that the

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