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Most dog walkers in America pay some form of local, state or national sales tax. Here are some common types of sales tax – in the United States.

Sales tax – Federal

Every town or city requires certain sales tax. There are many types of sales tax levied in many places. If you’re a first-time dog owner, this can be overwhelming especially if you know how much local tax you pay.

States are responsible for providing guidance on the proper rates and when and where a local tax should be paid. For example, many states require dog owners to pay a tax on any food purchased for their dogs, while it’s also the case in states like Utah and Mississippi that no tax is required on dog food purchased from dog stores.

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Sales tax – State

The sales tax can vary depending on state. For example, the sales tax for food purchased at a convenience store is 15 cents, but the state of Utah is charging that tax (or some similar law) on both canned dog food and raw dog food. States can tax a variety of goods, but most often the rate of tax is proportional to price – something like a 5% to 9% tax is typical on food, and a flat 6% tax is used on packaged food.

Sales tax – local, county or municipal

Some places – like many states – require that dog owners pay tax and that they must declare the tax for local, county or municipal purposes. Some states – like California – tax only dog food, while others – such as Texas – have different rate and categories for the tax.

Some municipalities – such as New Orleans – require a registration tax and a tax on purchases made by the public.

Sales tax – county

Some municipalities (like the town of Alameda in California) make a business registration tax or a registration to purchase dog food – and both of these are often required for those who want to buy dog food – even though they may think they’re buying “no tax” canned goods.

Sales tax – state

Some municipalities – like the city of Los Angeles – charge local sales tax on most items.

Sales tax – federal

The federal government has a sales tax on some meat and dairy products like meats and milk. These products aren’t sold by retailers anywhere else in the United States like grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc.

Some states – such as New Jersey and Illinois – have a tax on certain types of pet food

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