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If you’re looking to have a dog in your life who may not be around for long periods of time, consider bringing home a dog who is at least five years old. Dogs who are older are often more independent and are more suitable for you, because their bodies and minds are more adapted to being in a household and experiencing all that being a family entails.

They are also less likely to come across other dogs who are anxious and upset when it comes to certain situations. Dogs who know they’ve met their owner often come across each other differently. For instance, one owner may be quite relaxed about sharing a crate with a puppy, while the other may feel uncomfortable with it given the fact that the child is just that little bit smaller than the puppy.

If your dog is at least two years old, you can take your pup home to play together for much longer.

If you’re looking for a long-term dog in your life who has the right temperament, you can bring a dog home for extended periods as the dog gets older.

Do the research

When it comes to having a dog, do your research.

What kind of dog do you have in mind? Is your pet one you’re more likely to choose if your partner or potential partner happens to belong to a dog rescue, like Shelter Pet Rescue?

If you have a puppy, make sure you’re comfortable with a litter, which can lead to an easier adoption when you’re ready. Ask your prospective dog-sitter or breeder about the puppy’s age and health needs. If you don’t want a dog that will compete with other puppies, or that could fight with its own kind, it’s best to limit your selection to no more than eight weeks of age.

How do you feel about dog ownership? Is your commitment genuine, or will you need extra training to keep your dog happy?

Should you invest in a dog fence, or go with a no-kill option such as a shelter companion?

In all cases, if you are considering a pet, make sure you’ll be happy with your choice.

Have fun and be happy

Be patient – but don’t leave home without your furry family member

We know it’s tempting to go home with a dog to enjoy your dog for the first time ever.

Whether you plan to bring home a puppy and your dog goes home with a human, or want to bring your pup home with you for the first

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