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Some people think dogs don’t forgive their owners because they get stuck in their own ways but when their owners do things that make them angry, these dogs are the only ones to forgive their owner.

Dogs also have very fine motor skills. They are smart so they learn by doing. They will learn the consequences of their behavior and they learn through repeated encounters with their owner (this is why dogs are very forgiving).
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Dogs’ memory is excellent. Dogs can remember what they have heard over a long period of time and this keeps them from forgetting about the situation that made them angry. Therefore, when their owner misbehaves, their memory helps them remember when and where this happened.

The more that their owner acts out, the more likely it is that their dog will forgive him. On the other hand, if their dog has just been taught a hard lesson, even though it is a good lesson, it may not stick with them.

Dogs do have an ability to remember people who treat them the way they treat other people. I don’t think this ability is inherited, but instead it can be learned.

Some people claim that dogs have an inner “inner judge” who judges, or judges well, their owner. When their owner does something that is mean to them, the dog doesn’t think it is OK to respond in the same way.

In my experience, I’ve never seen this inner judge. There is usually nothing about the owner that is a reason for the dog being upset.

I also think that dogs’ socialization has a lot to do with this (dogs often learn how to deal with one another around strangers).

When people do things they don’t like to do with a dog or other dog, the dog usually does something as part of its “socialization.” If the behavior is a response to something the dog has internalized about humans it usually means his owner is doing things to this dog that it hates. Dogs are not easily able to “correct” themselves by thinking their owner is stupid if there are times when he does things to them against what they want to do. It’s a complicated issue.

But I have seen very well behaved dogs, particularly for extended periods of time, respond to things their owner does out of habit, like going through doorways without knocking, or walking with their tails held high, and then getting upset when these things happen.

Most people think of dogs as being very sensitive and forgiving. Dogs are

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