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Dog food can be sold by one of several main business models. Most dog food manufacturers use a discount system. If a dog will consume 15 per cent of the calories in a 1kg box, he is getting a discounted price. This system generally works well, but it relies on the consumer knowing that the product is going to be eaten by that particular dog. There is nothing to stop a consumer buying a dog food product that has been marketed to a particular breed. Some brands do offer discounts on dog food in different regions. Other models, such as speciality dog food, sell more or less the same product by making multiple changes. Dogs will eat a certain amount of any specific food regardless of how it is produced. As a retailer, it is your responsibility to have in place a system that allows you to be aware of this situation and adjust the prices accordingly.

It is important to distinguish the different types of dog food products. All dog food products are made in lots based on their weight and nutrition content (weight per calorie), so it is important to identify the type of food. A very small package of raw dog food, for example, can have between 20 to 50 per cent of its calorie content coming from fat. One of its chief benefits is the ease at which it can be processed into a variety of meat products, such as dog biscuits, or bones meal. So, the key is to distinguish between the different types of dog food when making buying decisions.

The biggest issue that arises when it comes to diet is the choice of ingredient – a diet can have many ingredients. In addition to fat and protein, each individual ingredient is different. The key to understanding the difference in the way each ingredient is processed is to understand what it makes for the dog. In the case of high-fat high-protein dog foods, they will include additional fatty foods, such as eggs, liver, and fish. The main source of fat in these products is the fat in the skin (fats) and liver (lipids).

How much of the dog will consume the fat?

Each ingredient in dog food is given a label, including the amounts of fat, protein, carbohydrates, salt, vitamins, minerals, and other elements. If the amount of fat, protein, carbohydrate, and salt are all given, then it is safe to use these to predict how much the dog’s intake will be.

What is the health benefits of a dog diet?
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When choosing one brand of dog food,

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