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A man who used a laser gun to scare off his neighbours has told of his anger after the shooting and the subsequent fire that he called an arson.

Andrew Lilligren was left traumatised after the fire after he came up with the idea of shooting at the windows of his neighbour’s home in Burnley.

“There was a knock at the door. It was just a knock,” he told the Burnley Express and Star.

“I opened the first window, you know, and I just started shooting from inside – from the bottom of the window, to the top of the window. You just start shooting and I got used to it.

“I just ran out the door, I heard it fire. I didn’t know it was on fire, so I could see it.”

Mr Lilligren, who lives with family in the area, said the homeowners called police in the early stages of the fire.

He claimed the homeowners were concerned about Mr Lilligren’s safety “because they saw him shooting at them” and asked officers to respond.

Despite being told Mr Lilligren “was not armed” the fire service arrived and the fire started at about 2pm.

“You just started shooting at them again. They tried to pull me, but I’m not a tough cat I’m kind of weak, so I started shooting again,” he revealed.

On their way to the home Fire Brigades Scotland spoke with the homeowner who was understandably upset and said it was his fault the fire started – but refused to comment other than to say it is still the homeowner’s property.

Police arrived to the house at about 4pm on Saturday and they have told Mr Lilligren it is still the property of his neighbour in accordance with the law for the arson.

The man told the Express and Star he had spoken to the homeowners who denied the man was even armed.

“I told them: ‘What are you happy for? You don’t know what you’re in for’. I didn’t hear back,” he claimed.

“I want to know what happened. They said they are not happy to have to deal with the neighbours over my little incident. I said: ‘I’m not going to put up with this.’
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