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So what about the best recipes for making your own homemade dog treats? Here, I’ll explore different dog treats recipes and how they can be made to last through multiple meals.
A recipe for homemade dog treats can be a tricky undertaking – the ingredients needed are hard to come by, if you don’t have access to them all. I was lucky enough to have our local dog food store stock and ship my mixes of dried grass, fruit, and peas. It’s a process that requires much love and experimentation but if you give it a go, you’ll find that making homemade dog treats will become second nature to you.
You do need to use natural ingredients such as dry grass, chopped food scraps, and chopped veggies to make homemade dog treats, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat whatever you like for treats. I like the taste of a dog food brand with a healthy mix of fresh and dried treats and I find the best way to buy all of the ingredients and get things to cook together is to shop at a local pet food store.
Most home made homemade treats recipes also require some sort of a heating and cooking process – usually it’s either frying (or boiling) the treats or adding a hot beverage that’s blended with the treat to get rid of the water to keep the dough soft. For some treats, such as those found in pet treats and treats sold at the store, you’ll use the same mixture of ingredients and just blend it until it is smooth and creamy (like making chocolate syrup), with the goal of building a thick enough sauce that will keep your treats warm and dry.
My best-liked homemade dog treat recipe is made with dried grass, fruit and pepitas as the three major ingredients and is so popular that I also create a homemade dog food recipe for it:
This is probably the hardest recipe for many people to make, because you need to chop the food scraps and chop the pepitas finely. It’s not that difficult to throw that all together, but make sure that the dried grass, fruit and pepitas are finely chopped. You need to chop those things finely until they’re smooth & crunchy & everything.  After the dried grass to keep it from turning brittle, make sure that it’s also chopped up into smaller cubes so that they’re less dense (or else you’ll only have some small bits of dried grass/brambles that break apart in the end, leaving you with a lot of broken apart pieces with a pepita left behind on

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