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Dogs that want to spend time with you will tend to like you a lot more after an occasional moment of separation, even if they seem unhappy with the relationship immediately afterwards.

3. Dogs crave the attention of humans
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In human relationships, many things can get you to focus on something for longer than necessary. Maybe you sit around for a while waiting to go to bed. Someone else comes to visit. Another friend comes to dinner. It might take your concentration away from things that deserve it as much as they do.

But when it comes to a dog, there are many things you can do right in the eyes of the dog to make him go long after you’re gone. A lot of dogs want you there for a variety of reasons: to tell the dog’s story that will be heard for years (or even decades); to help train him to take care of you; to make him comfortable; even to tell you stories.

The more you get involved with a dog, the more it becomes natural for him to keep you around as long as possible – and he won’t hesitate to do so. Your presence can also be an emotional stimulus that keeps him going, because you can make it as though you’re an extension of his world.

“The more we’re together, the more there’s something special inside me. If the humans are gone, then it’s just another day.”

4. Dogs are loyal to new people in their lives

Do you keep your dog with you every day? Not even the best dogs will turn down your invitation to go out to eat with you, or have you come to their social playdate, so why would they turn it down to spend some quiet time alone with you in your home?

In the meantime, what’s a dog to do? You can always tell them no. They’ll still want to spend time together if you ask them to, since the dog may not have the self-worth to stay away from someone it feels like deserves it.

“I think it’s a very powerful way to build bonds with your canine family. We all need relationships even if they’re sometimes hard to find.”

5. Dogs like you a lot when not apart

When you’re alone, a dog’s instinct can be to close its eyes and forget about you. After spending so much time with someone, dogs probably know that it’s a good idea to keep in touch – even if it’s just to say hello. Even when

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