What hours do dog walkers work? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Twins Spring

Most walkers work from 6AM to 8AM, after sunset

Who’s on the staff?

We keep a diverse mix of walkers, including teachers, volunteers, retired police officers and even some dogs that have been retired from service. We are a volunteer only club. Our walkers share our homes and often bring their own bags and walk at weekends or afternoons.

Membership is required in order to participate in our activities. Donating to the club is more of a gesture, as we cannot use your money – but instead will go to a non-profit to help keep this club going.

What time do we walk?

Our most typical walkers are in their 20’s working late nights and weekends.

Do you walk the rest of the day?

Yes we do, during our weekend walks we often run in the mornings and at night we sleep on couches.

How can we use your money?

Donations go a long way in keeping us going! It pays for supplies, food, rent for our apartment and medical insurance. Your donations help make it possible to maintain and help others stay indoors in our apartments. All of our cash donations go completely towards our costs and supplies.

How do we fundraise?

We need your help to pay for our rental costs of the apartments, and to cover our medical insurance and supplies for our walkers. If you would like to help, please give to one of the following sources:

Check for the time that you should expect to arrive. If you show up at 5PM, you are on the late shift and you can come in between 8AM-9AM. If you show at 6AM, you are on the morning shift! If you show on time, you are on the afternoon shift!

Mail cash. Please allow 5 to 10 days for your donation to arrive in the mail. When receiving your donation, you will be given a receipt with your name and postal code. Your item number may vary.

Go to and type in your name and address. There will be a link for you where you can enter a donation of $10 and/or $1.00 and it will automatically create a new donation of $5 to us.

When will you be off the leash?

We have two off-leash times per week:

5pm-8pm on Saturday

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