Do I have to pay taxes on dog sitting?

Dog sitting is a form of charitable service and is not a taxable return, though it should always be done with care and awareness of your obligations.
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Do I have to pay taxes on dog walking/surfing/rescuing/teaching?

Only if you are actively involved with the animal and, in addition to direct volunteer service for the animal, your total time is greater than 5 hours per week. If this is you, please consult with your tax professional as there are specific instructions regarding these transactions, as well as fees paid to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Services. This is the only place you should go for information on fees paid to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Services for these programs.

Dog sitting and dog walking/surfing/rescuing/teaching can only qualify you for a pet license and should not be considered work or other financial resources that qualify you for any other tax benefits. It is not unusual for pet sitters and dog walkers to earn income in both of these activities in a single week.

Are you responsible if my dog escapes during or after a visit or visit that I may have made?

As long as the dog is not left or left unattended during any visit, dog sitting, pet sitting or dog walking/surfing or rescue work, it is not a taxable receipt or return. However, any subsequent escape will result in penalty income tax and/or an additional tax return, depending on the circumstances of the escape.

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What do people look for at a pet sitting or dog walking?

There is one important rule: the better the dog, the better the dog. You should look for dogs that have been trained to walk, lie down, sit or lie down, and give frequent and effective obedience checks. Also look for dogs to be the best companions and show the most love.

I often hear that if a dog is being left alone it will become bored. Is this true?

No, we don’t believe boredom is a sign of a good dog. It is our belief that what brings us in to the house to see you or help you or take you for a walk or ride is a connection that we share.

Should I bring food with me when I’m pet sitting?

Absolutely not while pet sitting. Your dog would probably be less comfortable if you refused to pay for her to eat. She has no choice but to