Do you have to pay taxes for Rover? – Pet Age Magazine Circulation

No, I don’t, and I don’t intend on paying any taxes for Rover. The car was purchased off of eBay and the proceeds were donated to an organization called Charity Wheels in an effort to raise money for charity. The car is still registered in my name as a vehicle owned by a trust.

The new year is always a good time to look back and appreciate all that we’ve accomplished this year. Here’s to some amazing projects that we’ll all look back on in a year or so and think “Wow, I did it.”

We’ll start with this list, which we know will be a challenge for our editor:

1. One Man Band – I was so thrilled when the band finally got a show to promote the new movie. (That’s all we know for sure.) But the real reward was getting to sing live on national television to an audience that didn’t know what a group of friends was. And when a few of those songs ended up on my new album, I’ve got to love what I do.

2. Grief’s Child – I think people really respect me for getting this job. It’s been so long, and I’ve been around a long time. And I have an amazing family and a great group of kids. But the people I work with are just incredibly gracious and considerate of anything — I know that I’m doing something right. When I got a call from the group to record “One Man Band”, there was talk about a live show (we’re so happy to do live shows!), but then, the first day of writing, I got a call from someone saying “You know what? Maybe it’s time for us to make it a documentary for Grief’s Child.” We have a good rapport with that film, so that definitely seemed like a good idea. In a year, I’ll still be feeling the passion of performing live in front of people like this.

3. The Big Sick – The film (about the birth of the “Big Sick”) is so great, and I’m working with Judd Apatow and the people behind the project a lot. We are doing a lot of work together that I’m proud of.

4. “Taken”? – It’s really not that hard. The biggest challenge came in learning all the words to the song that was on the album. But with all of the hard work, I look forward to singing it on stage with a bigger audience like I did with T

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