Do you need a license to own a pet store? – How To Start A Dog Accessory Business

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Welcome to M.E.R.A.R.!

M.E.R.A.R. is the name given to a worldwide community of players dedicated to a variety of activities on Minecraft server. We are the most active server in the M.E.R.A.R. family, offering numerous content types to our players, including:










In addition to the community’s various creations, we provide a range of tools, including:

Server Monitor for the player to observe what is happening on the server

Server Browser so that players can find the information they’re looking for
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Crafting Modules to easily craft items to their liking

Server Host for players to connect to server

Server Customizer so that players can set their custom server settings


The majority of the server’s members take regular vacations with their gaming rig (and pets), but for those of us who prefer a weekend away from the gaming world, M.E.R.A.R. is a place to get into the game, relax, and play together with people who share your passion for Minecraft.

We’ve all heard of the “wanted” list. It’s a list, typically from an area with high crime, and an arrest for the crime might get it added to the list. Police are allowed to add it, if they have enough intelligence to support it, and if they have enough manpower to put it together and execute their investigation. Unfortunately the reality is much different from what most people imagine.

In reality, the Wanted List is not a wanted list. The reason it is is because it is a tool of the government, and the government uses it to suppress dissent (through its various agencies), and control the public (via laws, court orders and surveillance). That’s not a bad place to start when talking about the War on Drugs.

The law enforcement community is well known for being very restrictive on drugs, and for using extreme measures to suppress the use of drugs.

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