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This depends on what type of pet store you’ve chosen to purchase. There are many types of pet stores, and the laws regulating pet stores is complex and varies from state to state.

A licensed pet store is needed if:

you want to sell a pet

you need the pet for training or boarding purposes, or

you sell a pet for profit if you meet the criteria for ownership

If the pet store isn’t licensed, the local authority can require proof of animal care insurance. Contact the local authority in the city or town where you intend to do business for details.

Licensing and insurance requirements

You can apply for and obtain a pet store license either by applying for one in one town (for dogs and cats and other animals), or over the internet (for cats only).

You can apply for or obtain a pet store license for each species at the same time.

The local authority in each town or area does have the discretion to require a higher license in some circumstances. For example, it may decide that you need a license for training and boarding purposes, and that a pet store is not necessary for such operations.

Licensing requirements apply when you open your own pet shop. For example, you’re required to register with the local authority if it’s your first time operating a pet shop.

In many cases, the local authority will also consider allowing your pet store to open without any licence. This may be the case because of the number of visitors to your pet store at specific times. However, these circumstances can only happen if you have a licence from the local authority.

Once your pet store has been licenced, you are required to maintain a licensed number if you own anything else including a pet grooming salon, a pet care centre or a veterinary clinic.

Find out more information about licensing in England for pets from the National Animal Health Agency.

Get a Pet Shop Licence Here.

In most towns and villages, the local authority will be responsible for licensing your pet store. The rules for this vary from town to town and village to village.

Check the local authority websites (such as the council website for each region) and online in order to make sure you’re following all the rules that apply to you.


the law will change as local authority boundaries shift and local laws change. Be sure to check with the local authority in your area to establish if it’s appropriate for you

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