Do police dogs get paid? – Arthur’s Pet Business Activities Description

“There are different situations; there is an application on the officer’s name, on application form. If the officer is from another country, on the application form. In all the circumstances, the dog is paid 100 per cent.”

On how long does it take the dog’s owner to pay the dog back? “There is not a lot of time because the owner’s identity is known. But the dog is still the responsibility of the owner. Once the owner pays, the dog will return to the handler of the guard or the guard.”

On why the dog should not be shot

“It should not be shot. It has been in the village for so many days. The dog is a protector for the people. If this dog is killing children, even if it is one person, then who should care for that person? It’s just one person. And to do that, killing the dog is not enough. It’s a question: Why do you have that dog? If you don’t know the reason why you have that dog, you should tell me, otherwise that could be a case of cruelty.”

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