Do you need a permit to sell dogs? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Dept Of Health

No. All dogs must have a current license and a current rabies certificate before they can be sold. Please contact us to obtain a current rabies certificate and registration for each breed of dog we sell.

Can a pet shop sell dogs?
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No. Pets that are to be sold by a pet store must be registered with the Washington Humane Society or be licensed as a pet.

We accept only the following breeds of dogs:

Beagles, Dachshunds, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Retrievers, Welsh Corgis, and Yorkshire Terriers.

Can our customers pick what they want to buy?

Yes, pet shops are permitted to stock whatever they wish (e.g. puppies in crates for sale and dogs of all breeds in cages for sale), including pets in crates. The maximum number of dogs that are able to be displayed at one time is two per premises.

Can we sell dogs on a cash basis?

Yes, cash can be accepted at the shop. However, the pet shop needs to be registered with the Washington Humane Society or have the license number listed on their license. Pets of all species are not allowed to be placed on a cash basis at the Washington Humane Society.

How can I contact the staff and/or owners of the Washington Humane Society?

Please fill out the contact form and send it to the Washington Humane Society’s Pet Store Coordinator at

If my friend or family member is allergic to dogs, can they get a pet there?

Absolutely! It is OK to have an animal at our shop that is not an animal that is permitted for a pet shop. Dogs can be put in a crate as long as they are securely locked or in any kind of kennel.

I’ve heard people say some species of dogs are safe to keep at home but others are dangerous for people, should I be afraid of my dog?

The Washington Humane Society encourages pet owners to ask their local shelters for advice and information before bringing pets into their home. Dogs in homes that have already been licensed to own dogs are safe. There is no danger posed by having cats in homes that are already licensed as a shelter or a pet store.

Can I bring their dog indoors or outside without having an interview first?

No. Pet owners are discouraged from bringing their pets to Washington Humane Society without first

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