Do you need a permit to sell dogs?

As most pet stores only have a specific permit to sell cats the best option for you is to talk with a local animal control officer or rescue group.

If no animal control group is available for your dog’s particular needs, contact the shelter or your local public or private dog park. Make sure their local laws cover where the dog can be kept. Some shelters and parks that accept canines are listed here.

How many dogs is it safe to keep?

All dogs under 7 years are considered to belong to the person who has adopted them. However if someone is buying the dog from a person with no intention of ever caring for it, a court can issue a court injunction banning them from owning it. This is called a “pre-nuptial agreement” and can be obtained through local court. An injunction may be sought if the person who adopted one of your dog decides not to continue to provide regular care for you and your other pets. Even if a court injunction is sought, the person who purchased the dog can still keep or adopt their pet by simply paying the $1,000 due with an overpayment.

If I bought my dog from you what happens if I break my agreement?

What happens with your dog should depend on who purchased it, but in general if you received a pre-nuptial agreement from the person who purchased it, you are automatically covered under your agreement for any legal costs or other needs that may arise, as well as any damages to your property such as veterinary bills or loss of use of your property.

To be covered under your pre-nuptial agreement, the contract you signed must specifically state the parties’ agreement and details the amount of damages. Be especially careful about any pre-nuptial agreement you buy where the dog is owned by more than one person, as it may make your legal fees higher.

If the other party does not have a pre-nuptial agreement they need to get one. You can find copies of pre-nuptial agreements in shelters in most states and in some cases, in dog parks.

Is it safe to keep a large dog?

The risk of losing your dog is minimal. However, you should always keep your pet on a short leash and keep them well hidden away from the yard. Be aware that not all pets are suited to living on their own, so it is always a good idea to keep your dog on a leash unless you have a long leash.