Does Rover give you a w2?

Probably not (yet), but it looks like it will come. It’s probably an optional feature that Rover and its suppliers are working on.

The best news (and the most depressing news) is that the new Rover has now been given the full name Range Rover. I know it sounds silly but it’s all about positioning and getting as many people on the same page as possible. It’s no coincidence the brand was rechristened for such a short period.
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The National Football League has been accused of a scandalous collusion conspiracy in making millions.

On Friday the Associated Press found NFL records indicating that teams were paid $5 billion-plus from the government. In addition to the millions paid for teams’ stadiums, these payments are made based on the amount of attendance at games.

In a report, the AP notes that an investigation by the NFL found over 7,000 such payments that resulted in the relocation of one team, $1.6 billion for team stadium upgrades or renovations.

“The federal database shows that teams took in millions of dollars in relocation fees from the government after winning championships. And an NFL executive confirms that the league’s own records show that teams received millions of dollars for every fan who attended a game. So far, that was $5 billion, a large number that would have been a boon to players and teams alike.”

According to the AP, more than one team may have received this amount each year and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even more alarming is the cost involved with building, maintaining and operating these stadiums.

The AP reports that stadiums that have been in existence longer than the average team, while being in many cases funded by federal subsidies, are going “over budget and behind schedule.”

The analysis also found that NFL