Does Rover give you a w2?

No, we didn’t. But it is quite possible to get a w2 from your own account.

We have made every effort to make you as comfortable as possible while submitting requests to Rover. We want to provide you with a reliable service so this is the best we can do. As such, we accept as many requests as we do.

You have probably noticed a change to the request process as the last three weeks have seen a rapid increase in the amount of requests we receive. A significant percentage of those are not processed and for these requests there is no change to our service.

Rover is a completely different proposition now. We provide you with a number of services, which are all completely independent from each other; one only needs to pay the fee for Rover to access all other services.

We will continue to accept new requests for Rover so we do know that Rover is growing and that you will continue to have a fantastic service offered to you, but we would therefore recommend you not use Rover for any purchases while we continue to process them.

Can we contact Rover directly?

Yes, we can! Please leave a detailed message to Please also include your name and email address so we can follow up with you.

A “bully” who “bitch slapped” a fellow passenger in a public lavatory has left the NSW Supreme Court after a five-day trial.

Christopher Wannamaker, 32, was sitting at the end of the bench of Justice Bruce McLachlan on Thursday when he said the judge’s decision to send him to jail was “not fair”.

Prosecutor Ian Goss said Wannamaker pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting Justice McLachlan.
Business Model: Online Meal Delivery Subscription for Pets

With only one more week to go to the end of the school year, the state legislature passed a bill Friday morning that will dramatically curtail the state’s $8 billion lottery system. The measure includes a two-year moratorium on new drawing technology starting in August of next year, which will further reduce the number of potential jackpots in the state’s $1.6 billion annual game. The bill also mandates that at least 75 percent of any new winning ticket must be purchased in New York City — down from 75 percent in the current system.

The House and Senate passed the bill 26-10 after hours of debate. It now goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. If the governor signs the bill, New York lottery workers will