How much can you earn as a dog walker?

It depends…

When you work as a dog walker for less than £20/hour, you could be earning around £15,000 a year. In some countries, such as Germany, and in Belgium for example, you could be making as much as £70,000. But if you can work as a walker for £80/hour, for example, you should be making as much as £300,000.

As we’ve seen, the average daily wage for a dog walker is £20.

Is there any limit to how many dogs you can take for a walk?

Yes, but only the dogs you are allowed to take are allowed. If you are under 18, and the owner of the dog allows you to, you can bring in a maximum of two dogs.

How much can I work as a dog walker?

You might be able to earn more, depending, of course, how many poodles you want to bring to the pound. Depending on the local authority and the size of the area you’re working in, you may be earning between £100 and £150/hour. In Germany, for example, you would be earning between £250 and £600/hour if you were working between 200 – 700 dogs a day. You would earn between £1,000 and £6,000 in the UK, depending on the area.

Are there any age restrictions on taking dogs?

Yes, many councils give dog walkers some form of training so that they can safely take dogs in.

Where can I find out more about the different types of dog walkers?

You can find information from councils, councils’ websites or the Dog Welfare Council on their website ( It’s important to note, however, that most organisations only offer dog walkers a certain amount of work. This depends on the organisation and their regulations.

Is it more expensive to hire a dog walker?

Only if it’s from the local authority. Dogs can cost between £80 and £150 if you hire dogs from the local authority. However, these cost only a small amount of money and a dog walker can get quite busy with many dogs taking turns walking at any one time. However, you might get more for your money compared to hiring someone else to look after them overnight while you’re out at the weekend. You may be paying more to have a